15 After-work Activities to Ease Your Mind [Tricks & Tips] — 2022

Written by Bolivar T. Caceres

Working a full day’s shift, five days a week (sometimes more,) drains the body and mind. Sometimes, the routine can imbue weariness or even despair. Waking up can feel like a choir that only leads to a toilsome day. So, what’s the solution?

Alongside a regular 10-minute break and eating right, productive use of your after-work time is essential to a healthy work-life balance. At the onset of the day, the simple idea of participating in an activity you enjoys can push the clouds away, render the day bearable, and keep the mind sound.

Below are some activities you can enjoy after work:

1. Rest — A few hours of sleep, a nap, or a break will always make a difference. So, make time to rest and recharge.

2. Meditation — In meditation, you can reflect and clear your mind, which only encourages a healthy and positive outlook on life.

3. Reading — A good book or story can transport you to another planet or through a character’s life. Reading can also inspire creativity.

4. Exercise — Going to the gym, participating in yoga, running, or any activity that encourages body movement and cardiovascular promotes healthy living and is a productive way to spend time. What’s better is that you can earn prizes for exercising. Download SweatCoin now, and we both can earn $5 worth of SweatCoin.

5. Spent time with a friend(s) — Laughter is good medicine, and who is better than friends to make you laugh, uplift your spirit, and help you forget a long day. So invite your friend(s) over for dinner and a movie.

6. Visit a park — Your backyard is brimming with beautiful parks. You can exercise, walk, or enjoy the day. Take a walk and see what your neighborhood parks behold.

7. Learn a skill — A new skill can be beneficial for your career but also exercising your most important muscle keeps you feeling young and alive. A new skill can also break you from that tiring routine.

8. Arts and crafts — In the same light as learning a skill, arts and crafts are suitable for the mind and soul. It’s a pleasant way to spend your off time, and any creations can always be great gifts for friends and family.

9. Go Camping — Tired of your neighborhood? Readings and art are not your things. Maybe take a camping trip. Nature is revitalizing. You can hike and cook up a fire beneath a starlit sky.

10. Watch a movie/television series — There’s nothing like a good movie to swoop you out of your day-to-day and take you into the melodramatic world of cinema. The best part is that it is an activity you can do with friends and family.

11. Cook a meal — Cook a meal you never cooked before. Baked something. Cooking is a great past-time. To eat what you cook is just as good.

12. Listen to a podcast or audiobook — New to podcasts? Audiobooks? With the rise of podcasts and audiobooks, you have over a million options to fulfill your aural pleasures.

13. Watch a sports game — There’s nothing like watching your favorite sports team or league and keeping up with their wins and losses. You can even go back to watch old games, historical games.

14. Visit a museum or art gallery — Learning human history and culture is essential, and museums and art galleries offer practical learning opportunities. They also help refresh and brighten your mind.

15. Organize your home — The ongoing project! Why not lose yourself cleaning, organizing, or adding more decorum to your home?

There are so many ways to fill your time and fill your life with something positive. You are not limited to the fifteen suggestions above. Remember, you are not limited at all!

Bolivar T. Caceres is a Bronx-based artist and writer. His poems appear on ShortEdition and Ariel Chart. He is also the author of the chapbook Outside My Garret Window published in 2020. He currently curates and writes for the quarterly film blog, Film Studies 401. Connect with him on social media @BolivarTCaceres and at www.BtcArt.co.



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