The 10-Minute Break [Tricks & Tips] — 2022

Written by Bolivar T. Caceres

The forty-hour workweek is perpetually onerous and stressful; at the end of the week, one is fagged and sore beyond acceptable measure. Overworking oneself, especially when already fatigued, will cause illness and physical injuries, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, back and lumbar spasms, cardiovascular failures, and even influence one’s faculties with depression, memory deprivation, and a loss of libido.

Although many solutions can help with a demanding day or week, and many of these solutions can work in concert with each other, a meditative ten-minute break can do a world of good to one’s mind, health, and soul. One can respite multiple times a day: in the morning before work, during your lunch break, and upon arriving home after work. The focus during the ten-minute meditation is to clear one’s mind by relinquishing any stresses or emotions that may hinder one from having a positive and productive day.

This activity only requires a timer and a quiet environment where one feels comfortable. When ready, set the timer for ten minutes. Lay or sit down on a comfortable surface: grass, a couch, a bed, or a chair. Let the eyes close and breathe slowly. If a thought comes, let it float away. If an image forms, let it rush on by. Hold on to no emotions or thoughts. Be in the moment.

The ten-minute meditation is not a final or permanent solution. If you are suffering from excessive fatigue, take a personal day. If the fatigue continues, or if you begin to feel sick, maybe search for a less stressful job, and even after finding that new job, if your malaises persists, please consult a doctor. They are well equipped to help along the way. Remember, you and your health are far more critical than a few extra dollars. So, take that break!

Bolivar T. Caceres is a Bronx-based artist and writer. His poems appear on ShortEdition and Ariel Chart. He is also the author of the chapbook Outside My Garret Window published in 2020. He currently curates and writes for the quarterly film blog, Film Studies 401. Connect with him on social media @BolivarTCaceres and at



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